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We present Credit Breeze powered by Gifted Financial Services, a simple, quick, and efficient way to manage your finances. Since its inception in 2019, Credit Breeze has undergone robust technical analysis and quality checks, providing market-leading credit score monitoring services and ensuring that your credits stay on the upside!

Credit scores play an important role in making many financial decisions, be they big or small, and managing multiple accounts can be tiresome. Credit Breeze does all your work, from creating custom dispute letters to credit score tracking and filing disputes to managing their deadlines, allowing you to resolve all your credit issues under one roof.

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Mistakes from the creditor or lender reporting to the national credit bureaus can lead to errors in your credit reports. This includes:

  • Incorrect or similar names,
  • Birthdates,
  • Social Security numbers
  • Addresses.

The credit bureau will notify you about the credit report error that’s affecting your credit score. A credit score checker allows you to get your credit score. Many financial decisions are based on this credit score.



Once an error occurs, you file a credit dispute to correct it. You can see if you’re getting a low annual credit score. This will indicate that there’s a credit error, and you need to file a dispute soon. Credit score checkers include TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. However, managing multiple credit reports can be difficult, leading to low credit scores. You’ll also need to consult a financial lawyer to draft the correct credit dispute to file and then track its progress. So it’s better to find someone who provides credit score services and makes your life easier.

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Credit Breeze is your all-in-one credit partner. Our credit score tracking includes scores from the three major nationwide credit bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Credit Breeze allows side-by-side credit score monitoring, filing credit disputes, and resolving your credit issues at a tap. You can even draft official credit disputes with Credit Breeze without the need for a financial lawyer! Join Credit Breeze today and improve your credit scores with ease.

Get The Right Credit Manager


Beginners Edition

A 3-click do It yourself program


Educational Videos available 24/7 Access to a credit coach via email Unlimited Disputes

  • Educational Videos available 24/7
  • Access to a credit coach via email
  • Unlimited Disputes

$50 per month- cancel anytime

Expert Edition

Credit file repaired by a Professional


  • Little to NO client responsibility
  • We fight Creditors/Bureaus on your behalf
  • Personal Credit Coach
  • Quarterly consultation(s
  • Live assistance via phone, email, portal chat
  • Backed by a Guarantee to protect your investment
  • Control your Wages Amount

$150 per month

For 5-13 months determined by # of negative accounts

Both editions requires $39.95/ month monitoring services

$149 Startup fee required and includes:
  • Personal Information lettersremoves outdated information attached to negative accounts
  • Secondary Bureau freeze letterswhere all information is stored and verified
  • Personalized Credit Analysis Reportthorough review of your credit report findings, educational tips and more
  • All 3 credit reports with scores
  • 1st month of beginner's software access or 1st round of Expert services
  • Letters will be mailed on your behalf with expert edition
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Proving our capabilities and with the hard work of our valuable staff, we have managed to gain the trust of numerous clients that recommend us all the time. Being one of the best Financial Solution companies in your area, it is quite likely that you will get our recommendation for our offered financial services when it is required. Furthermore, if you search for reliable Tax or credit repair services near me, you will find Gifted Financial Services at the top of the list. Providing fast turn around for financial services is one of the things we do well as a top-notch company. The purpose of our program is to help people achieve financial freedom, a healthy credit profile and have adequate financial documentation so that everyone can enjoy financial stability.

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