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At Gifted Financial Services, we're passionate about making our enrollment process more accessible and less intimidating. We've been in business for 6 years, and we've worked hard to establish ourselves as a tireless community partner. Our team of professionals are knowledgeable and approachable, our services are affordable and are available to more people—because we know that you're so much more than just a credit score.

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Our Services

Credit Services

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GFS introduces you to our affiliate partner Credit Breeze where you can Up Your Scores with Ease! Credit Breeze is a streamline product that we have created, tested and proven effective since 2019, before AI was invented which means all our letters are derived from our own knowledge, techniques and skills.

Repairing and building your credit have became more important since the use of credit scores are being vastly used for employment decisions, living arrangements( buying or renting), borrowing decisions and even transportation choices.

Credit Breeze is offered in 2 versions
Beginners Edition

A 3-click do It yourself program


Educational Videos available 24/7 Access to a credit coach via email Unlimited Disputes

  • Educational Videos available 24/7
  • Access to a credit coach via email
  • Unlimited Disputes

$50 per month- cancel anytime

Expert Edition

Credit file repaired by a Professional


  • Little to NO client responsibility
  • We fight Creditors/Bureaus on your behalf
  • Personal Credit Coach
  • Quarterly consultation(s
  • Live assistance via phone, email, portal chat
  • Backed by a Guarantee to protect your investment
  • Control your Wages Amount

$150 per month

For 5-13 months determined by # of negative accounts

Both editions requires $39.95/ month monitoring services

$149 Startup fee required and includes:
  • Personal Information lettersremoves outdated information attached to negative accounts
  • Secondary Bureau freeze letterswhere all information is stored and verified
  • Personalized Credit Analysis Reportthorough review of your credit report findings, educational tips and more
  • All 3 credit reports with scores
  • 1st month of beginner's software access or 1st round of Expert services
  • Letters will be mailed on your behalf with expert edition
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Tax Preparation

We offer Audit free Tax preparation services done by knowledgeable and experienced Tax Professionals.

We focus on High wage earners and Self Employed earners as they benefit the most from the many Tax deductions available to assist with the reduction of Tax Liabilities.

Although Tax preparation fees start at $349, each individual Tax scenario is different so we implemented a $0 upfront cost system (unless you owe).

Our Guarantee: We leave you Pleased or its Free

Start My Return

Other Services

We Provide

Payroll Services

Payroll services offered by our firm are up-to-date on the information. Small businesses, independent contractors, and sole proprietors can take advantage of our payroll services which include the following

  • Creating a Legitimate Paper Trail
  • Allow Acceptable Home Purchases
  • Filing Business Taxes Quarterly Instead of Yearly
  • Receive W2 or 1099 to File at the End of the Year
  • Providing Proof of Employment
  • Running Payroll for Yourself or Others
  • Control your Wages Amount
Package includes:
  • 400 Setup Fee
  • 250 Per month
Business Credit

A Business Credit profile shows how your business is being viewed by lenders. As a part of this service, we provide the essentials needed for businesses to obtain the funding needed to assist with Business endeavors

What do we do?

Build a company’s Credit profile making them fundable within 6 months; although it takes up to 24 months to strengthen a company’s credit profile for larger credit limits but getting up to $50,000 in unsecured business Credit can usually be done in 6 months and within that timeframe Businesses will have:

  • Min 80 paydex score
  • A Business Credit Profile With Bureaus
  • Unsecured Credit Approvals
Pre Requisite

Business Phone Consultation to determine which Business Credit services best fits your Business needs

Homeownership Readiness
  • filing/correcting any tax years needed for lender
  • credit remedies to get score lender approved/ Credit Do's and Dont's before closing
  • payroll services and/or assistance with income documents such as schedule C forms, Profit & Loss statements and balance sheets needed for lenders to prove self employment income
  • Referral to Realtor/lender for Loan pre approval (connections in 39 states)
  • weekly complimentary phone consultations for updates/status checks
  • Complimentary Credit Monitoring until closing
  • 2-6 month plan (varies per client
Business Compliance

The main key to staying in business is staying COMPLIANT. We believe in longevity of a business and strive to keep our clients in compliance. As of January 1, 2024, all reporting entities MUST file a Beneficial Ownership Information report to avoid fines and/or jail and we are here to help.

If you have a business you have registered, it has to be in compliance with the new laws rather or not its actively being used. Have questions on how to make your business compliant? Book a consultation

Allow us to get your business in compliance to avoid penalties

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Years ago, I observed that people, especially the ones who are serving in the business industry, are likely to suffer due to poor financial records. At that time, I realized that people are in dire need of professional support to manage their finances and financial records, and that was the turning point for me. I took one step forward and decided to bring all money management services under one umbrella.

Wondering where to find the best one stop shop for financial services near me? The answer is simple! At Gifted Financial Services. We offer affordable and high demand services in all 50 states and we take pride in ensuring satisfaction at every level. So far, we are privileged to have assisted 1000+ people improve their credit, correct their tax situations with the IRS and even purchase their first homes and will continue to serve plenty more people throughout the coming years. Gain confidence in knowing we are one call away for all your financial needs!

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Proving our capabilities and with the hard work of our valuable staff, we have managed to gain the trust of numerous clients that recommend us all the time. Being one of the best Financial Solution companies in your area, it is quite likely that you will get our recommendation for our offered financial services when it is required. Furthermore, if you search for reliable Tax or credit repair services near me, you will find Gifted Financial Services at the top of the list. Providing fast turn around for financial services is one of the things we do well as a top-notch company. The purpose of our program is to help people achieve financial freedom, a healthy credit profile and have adequate financial documentation so that everyone can enjoy financial stability.

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